The Applecross peninsula hosts a thriving community of businesses which make an important contribution to the economic future of the area. Kishorn Yard is a hub of development which has changed purpose through the years as commercial needs have changed;there has recently been a focus on the renewable energy supply chain. A host of tourism-related businesses also exist, including some restaurants with a far-reaching reputation for the quality of their food and the uniqueness of their location.

Kishorn Yard

Commercial activity at Loch Kishorn began in the 1970s when the North Sea oil industry recognised the value of its wide sheltered anchorage and deep water access to the open sea. The Howard Doris consortium chose Loch Kishorn to build the massive Ninian Central platform.

After the dry dock closed in 1991, the site was cleared for quarrying activities, and RJ MacLeod extracted 20,000 tonnes of rock to form new sea defences at Shieldaig. Leiths are now exploiting other mineral resources for use in anti skid road surfaces.

Of the remaining loch side facilities, one based close to shore is used by local fish farms, for rearing young salmon in fresh water before they are transferred to the sea.

Commercial activity has increased over the past 10 years, with Ferguson Transport Ltd placing Kishorn at the hub of their business growth. Further opportunities in the renewables sector are being developed through newly-formed company Kishorn Port Ltd.

Through a policy of encouraging enterprise and facilitating opportunities at Kishorn, the Trust is helping to promote social welfare and economic development.

Coal Shed

The Trust renovated the Old Coal shed at the foot of the Bealach in 2012. It is let to a local business which sells a wide range of home produced and local crafts.

Walled Garden

Originally the garden for Applecross House, this site was renovated by the Trust in 2000 and incorporated the restoration and extension of the old Potting Shed. With the hard work and commitment of its tenants and others, the garden has, over the past 15 years, been transformed from its previous wilderness state, as part of a project to establish the restaurant now on site.

The Walled Garden restaurant offers some of the best cuisine available in the Highlands, and diners enjoy the wonderful backdrop of the garden, with the Applecross policies beyond.

The Trust carries out an annual maintenance programme on the garden walls, which involves traditional methods of lime mortar.

The Walled Garden website is available at applecrossgarden.com


The Trust provided a new lease to the long term operators of the campsite in 2014. More information is available at applecross.uk.com/campsite.